The COVID-19 restrictions are changing, making some new options available for us.

Starting this Sunday we are allowed to add more people for in person worship. We aren't asking for preregistration or assigned seating. If you would like to come, you're invited. We only ask that you bring a mask and have a flexible attitude as to where you sit as we try to preserve social distancing.

We will be continuing our live stream on Facebook. A replay will also remain available on our website.

For those who prefer to worship remotely we have another option. Beginning this Sunday we will be offering communion.

We will have communion elements available to pick up in the lobby of the Church beginning Thursday. I will be bless and consecrate the elements prior to pick up.

If you prefer to listen to the service in the parking lot on the FM transmitter, there will be communion elements available in the lobby so you can pick them up when you come inside to get a bulletin.

There will also be a copy of the Communion Service available with the elements, so you can follow along and take communion at the same time as the rest of the congregation.

I know there are so many changes going on, if there are any questions you have feel free to call me (586) 202-1894.

Grace and peace as we strive to be faithful,
Pastor Reed