Hello Again,

I have an update, to the update, of the update.

The CDC has now said we are looking at eight weeks of gatherings being canceled. Governor Whitmer has forbidden gatherings of more than 50. We have to accept the fact, that barring divine intervention Easter Services are going to be online as well. If you have thoughts or ideas on this, please let me know.

All meetings or group gatherings are cancelled until further notice, with the exception of AA, and the food pantry.

We have proven that with about ten people we can provide a live stream video of both the 9:00 traditional service, and the 10:30 contemporary service on Facebook Live. We have now uploaded the video to our website as well.

While you won’t be attending, I would still like you to send me your prayer concerns so the we can lift them up. Feel free to email PastorReed@arisechurch.org right up to the time of service. You can also leave them on the answering machine.

While we won’t be locking the doors, if you feel you shouldn't come, please don't. If you feel the need to come please respect the six feet of personal space guidelines.

Steve and I will be keeping office hours to keep things going and staying aware of both your needs and the community’s as well. Let us know what you’re hearing.

On that note, our food pantry is getting heavy use. If you can help us out in restocking it with food, or with a cash or online contribution it would be appreciated. If you happen to have a stash of toilet paper or hand sanitizer, we could have an auction and solve a multitude of problems. 😉

Please keep in touch with me, as well as one another by phone, text, and social media. If you need a directory let me know, one may mysteriously appear in your mailbox. It's not a real substitute but it will help to get us through times like these.

Praying our way to Easter, because we are Easter people.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Reed