Small Groups help us know God in a more personal way, along with others who are on the same journey. They help guide us and boost our walk with Christ, uniting our Christian service strengths. Being apart of a LIFE group maximizes opportunities for four key ingredients of church life:


Express care for each other, form Christian friendships, and pray for one another.


The team applies the Bible to everyday life.


The team chooses its schedule, a place to meet, and plans for prayer, study, and action.


We express our growing faith and love beyond our team, such as visiting persons who are ill or homebound, collecting relief supplies, making home repairs for a family in need, services to the church, etc.


We encourage everyone to get involved in a small group experience, either by joining an existing group, starting another section of an existing group or proposing a new group that supports the Arise mission and objectives. To join or expand an existing group, please contact the leader or Steve Cary, Administrative Assistant. To propose a new group, please fill out the Request to Start a New L.I.F.E. Team form and give to Steve or Pastor Reed.

Click here to download the new L.I.F.E. Team request form.


Arise men meet once a month on Saturday morning for breakfast, prayer, fellowship, and other activities, as decided by the group.


This is a support group for people of all ages and all cancer diagnoses. Friends, family, and caregivers may attend for purposes of supporting the person with cancer. Information, resources, and sharing occur in the group. Meetings are held at the church on the first Tuesday of each month from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Contact person: Diane Gould R.N., (734) 665-8997


This group mobilizes a loving response to those in grief, isolation, sickness, or other needs through cards, phone calls, visits, meals (including funeral luncheons), and special outreach projects. Coaches: Diane Gould and Evva Funk.


This team oversees the upkeep, maintenance, and all matters involved in providing the use of the dog park to our community. Contact person: Karen Vaden.


This is a weekly group that gathers to spend time in prayer for those in need. They usually meet at the church on Wednesday mornings.


This group meets on periodic Monday afternoons to create items for others using the needle arts, such as sewing, crochet, and knitting. Projects vary, including prayer shawls, wall quilts, women's chemotherapy hats, and sweaters for children overseas.